Research reflections

The Importance of Community and Collaboration in Education after Covid-19

Jonathan Beale, Researcher-in-Residence, CIRL The most salient absence we have felt during lockdown is the company of others. One of the things to which our attention has been most drawn is the importance of community. This has also been one of the most important features of education that students have missed since educational institutions closed […]

Virtues in the Classroom

Jonathan Beale, Researcher-in-Residence, CIRL This Saturday, 20 June 2020, CIRL are hosting a free online conference in collaboration with the University of Hertfordshire’s Forum for Virtue and Understanding, on ‘Virtues in the Classroom’. The conference will explore ways in which we can model philosophical virtues in the classroom, such as charitability, logical reasoning, critical thinking, intellectual […]

Collaboration in Education after Covid-19

Zoom Webinar Series, June 2020 Update, July 2020: the recordings of these webinars are now available on our podcast: see here for the webinar on independent state school partnerships and here for the webinar on international collaboration. CIRL will host two Zoom webinars during June 2020, on Collaboration in Education after Covid-19. The webinars are […]

What has the lockdown taught us about the challenges facing ed tech?

Jonathan Beale, Researcher-in-Residence, CIRL Education has relied on technology more than ever before during the lockdown. With half the world’s student population – over 850 million students – currently not in school or university, many institutions worldwide have used technology to a much greater extent in attempts to offer education remotely as effectively as possible. […]

Fletcher-Wood on Motivating Students when Teaching Online

Jonathan Beale, Researcher-in-Residence, CIRL How can we motivate students to learn when teaching online? This question is taken up by Harry Fletcher-Wood in an excellent recent blogpost, ‘Motivating distant learners: schools under coronavirus’. His post puts forward five online teaching strategies that aim to increase student engagement and perseverance with distance learning tasks. Each is […]

Research-based Effective Online Teaching Strategies

Jonathan Beale, Researcher-in-Residence, CIRL Many useful articles have been written recently on effective online teaching and learning strategies. As an educator it can be overwhelming to try to take on board much of the advice. It can also be difficult to tell which strategies are the most effective and worth trying to incorporate into one’s […]

Assessing Learning when Teaching Online

Jonathan Beale, Researcher-in-Residence, CIRL Assessment in teaching and learning is the process of obtaining information to gain insights into what students know and understand. Assessment helps teachers to identify whether students are ready to move to the next stage in the learning process, the areas on which students need to focus, and where teaching and […]