Research reflections

How to engage students’ minds through Project Based Learning.

  Here are 7 suggestions (ASCD 2010) on project based work: a need to know teachers need to show their students why it is important to learn something. Before starting a project they can show them something related which is likely to engage their imagination – perhaps do a field trip or a have guest […]

EEF publish their report on evidence implementation in schools.

The Education Endowment foundation published their report on evidence implementation in schools. Here are their recommendations: recommendation 1: treat implementation as a process, not an event; plan and execute it in stages recommendation 2: create a leadership environment and school climate that is conducive to good implementation recommendation 3: define the problem you want to […]

Using Sinek’s Golden Circle in the schoolroom.

The below is a summary of an action research project conducted by Shawn Jacob and Erica Hamilton. The authors of  the case study argue that it is important to connect one’s learning to the real world as this will enable students to utilise and apply creativity as well as to develop perseverance, conscientiousness, and optimism.