Research reflections

Where Education’s Civic Aims meet its Epistemic Aims

Jonathan Beale, Researcher-in-Residence, CIRL Among the aims of education are civic aims: developing character traits, such as civility and neighbourliness, that enable students to become responsible, engaged citizens, able to contribute to the common good of society. These can be developed through activities such as volunteering, service and community engagement.[1] The civic aims of education, […]

Happiness as the Aim of Education

Jonathan Beale, Researcher-in-Residence, CIRL Just over a week ago, an early Renaissance painting by the Florentine painter Cimabue set a new record as the most expensive medieval painting ever sold, fetching over €24 million at an auction in Actéon in Senlis, north of Paris. Cimabue’s 13th-century Christ Mocked was recently discovered hanging above the hot […]

The Importance of Independent Learning Skills

Jonathan Beale, Researcher-in-Residence, CIRL When does education happen? This was one of the thought-provoking questions Alexander Armstrong raised in his talk at the IBSC ‘Challenging Boys’ Conference at Windsor Boys’ School on Friday. Armstrong raised this question in response to a question during the discussion with the audience, about Armstrong’s claim, during his talk, that […]

The Role of Wonder in Education

Jonathan Beale, Researcher-in-Residence, CIRL Yesterday, CIRL inaugurated its colloquia series, where we invite leading experts in education to speak on important themes in teaching and learning. Our first speaker was educator and author Ian Warwick, whose most recent book, Learning with Leonardo: Unfinished Perfection (John Catt, 2019), co-written with Ray Speakman, offers a study of […]

Resilience and its Importance in Character Education

Jonathan Beale, Researcher-in-Residence, CIRL 1 October 2019 Resilience has become one of the most discussed character traits in the media in recent years. Popular psychology and self-development articles, podcasts and videos on the topic abound.[1] It has also become a hot topic in education. Resilience has become a staple part of character education programmes offered […]

The Role of Critical Thinking in Values Education

Jonathan Beale, Researcher-in-Residence, CIRL 24 September 2019 It is essential that the student acquire an understanding of and a lively feeling for values. … It is also vital to a valuable education that independent critical thinking be developed in the young human being…  Albert Einstein, ‘Education for Independent Thought’ (1952)[1] How should we teach values? This […]

The Role of Character Education in Ofsted’s New Inspection Framework

Jonathan Beale, Researcher-in-Residence, CIRL 17 September 2019 The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (‘Ofsted’) published their new Education Inspection Framework in May, which has been implemented this month. The new framework states that in future inspections, Ofsted will monitor how schools develop pupils’ character. What does the framework say about character? […]

Using Emotional Engagement to Enhance Student Engagement

Jonathan Beale, Researcher-in-Residence, CIRL 10 September 2019 Engaging students emotionally has substantial pedagogical advantages, such as eliciting greater interest in the material taught, which can engender a heightened motivation to learn. What teaching strategies can we employ to engage students emotionally? In the first blog post this academic year from CIRL, I outline a way […]