Research reflections

The Powerful Combination of Student Choice and Teacher Expertise

  by Michael Cocks With new developments in technology, schools are able to implement new teaching and learning strategies to explore a variety of classroom experiences beyond traditional didactic approaches. One of these strategies which has been given new life through recent research is the ‘self-directed learning’ model (SDL). This approach posits that by providing […]

How to get motivated: a student perspective.

Following on from our previous post on what skills students think the 21st century classroom should give them, they know answer the question ‘What works for students’. When asked ‘What works for students’, we closely considered and realised that many students struggle to motivate themselves. In this post we will be talking about how you can get […]

Collaborative inquiry involving students: methods and applications (part 1)

Kincheloe and Steinberg (1998:2) promote the idea that ‘education should help one make sense of the world. At the same time, it should help students make sense of themselves as ‘players’ in the world’. They argue that, with this in mind, educational institutions should embrace the pedagogical assertion that good education prepares students as researchers […]

Being a research-engaged school: a multifaceted approach.

(part 2) Iro Konstantinou Researcher-in-residence, Eton College I was appointed as the Researcher-in-Residence at the Tony Little Centre at the end of 2017. I was still finalising my PhD thesis and I was very much torn between staying in academia or accepting a role at a school and perhaps losing the momentum of writing papers, […]