Character Education Conference

Character education: theories, practices, processes 



Tony Little Centre, Eton College in association with BrainCanDo, Queen Anne’s

At Dorney Lake, Eton

Morning session: Learning attributes 

9-9.45 Registration with coffee 

9.45-10 Welcome  

10-11 Keynote

Professor Bill Lucas, University of Winchester, Professor of Learning  

Professor Patricia Riddell, University of Reading, Professor of Applied Neuroscience 

11-11.20 Break 

11.20-12.20 Panel 1: Teaching character: fostering well-roundedness 

Dr Kathy Weston, speaker, author, researcher 

Jonnie Noakes, Eton College, Director of Tony Little Centre and Director of Teaching and Learning

With Dr Iro Konstantinou, Eton College, Research Associate

12.20-12.50 Pupil panel, Eton and LAE

12.50-2.10 Lunch and poster session 

Afternoon session: Prosocial virtues 

2.10-3 Keynote

Dr Tom Harrison, University of Birmingham 

3-4.30 Panel 2: School and community-wide approaches 

Lisa Kerr, Gordonstoun, Principal 

Dominic Randolph, Riverdale, Head of school 

Peter Hyman, Big Education, Co-Director 

4.30-5.00 Pupil panel, Queen Anne’s

5-5.10 Closing remarks Julia Harrington, Queen Anne’s, Headmistress & CEO of BrainCanDo


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