Call for abstracts: Character Education

Belonging to and actively participating in a school community is a deeply formative experience that helps students develop, amongst other things, their character. In a broad sense, character education permeates all subjects, wider school activities and a general ethos; it cultivates the virtues of character associated with common morality and develops students’ understanding of what is excellent in diverse spheres of human endeavour.

 Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues, 2017


Schools are formative in pupils’ understandings of their experiences and shaping their character and worldview; the curriculum, co-curriculum and the social relationships which pupils form while at school are crucial to what they value and what elements of their character they choose to develop further. Implicitly and explicitly schools foster character traits and dispositions and shape pupils in a way which extends beyond what happens in the classroom. Character teaching has a direct impact on academic achievement, promotes positive relationships in diverse communities, and promotes social cohesion.


We invite practitioners, academics, researchers, and pupils who wish to distil their research, their classroom practice, or educational experiences into practical findings and recommendations to contribute to our 3rdissue of the Eton Journal for Innovation and Research in Education.

The themes which should broadly engage with character education can include (but are not limited to):

  • Paths to wellbeing and happiness
  • Tenacity, resilience, perseverance
  • Motivation and student agency
  • Values in schools
  • Ways of teaching character in schools
  • Ways in which co-curricular activities can build character.


Please submit your abstracts (250 words) stating your name and school by 10th March 2019 ( Authors whose abstracts are selected will be asked to submit a piece of 1,000 words. In our attempts to bridge theory and practice, we ask participants to engage with evidence and research on character education.



Submit abstract – 10thMarch

Selection of abstracts and notification – 1stApril

First drafts – 15thMay

Editors’ comments – 15thJune

Final pieces – 1stSeptember

Publication November 2019

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