Innovation in education.


Peter Serdyukov published an article on innovation in education and these are the 10 major principles that they believed should underpin the area.

Some excellent ideas and we repeat verbatim.

We formulated ten major principles that create the foundation of IL:

  • learner-centered approach;

  • specific structure and organization of the course and its content for consistent, “whole” student experience;

  • effective content presentation in various formats and modalities;

  • immediate application of new knowledge in authentic situations in the class and real life, and gaining practical outcomes of the course;

  • iterative process of knowledge construction and skill development (Serdyukov and Ryan, 2008);

  • situated learning (Lave and Wenger, 1991) that uses real-life situations as the basis of learning activities and, especially, in developing professional competence;

  • continuous active communication, collaboration, and cooperation among students in various small- and big-group activities;

  • high level of intrinsic motivation developed and constantly supported through emotional involvement of each student in team work and learning process;

  • instructor’s suggestive, supportive, and efficient teaching style incorporating incessant involvement with the class; immediate, objective, and stimulating feedback; continuous student support;

  • systemic use of ET in classroom and homework both for content acquisition and skill development, for communication and collaboration, and for maintaining students’ high level of cognitive, physical, and emotional state;

  • application of suggestive techniques, such as relaxation, ritual structure of classroom activities, positive environment, emotional involvement, and music; and

  • combination of intensive work and total relaxation.

Please see here for the full article:

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