On being disciplined.

Being disciplined is about reflecting critically, developing techniques, crafting and improving. A core pedagogy to create disciplined students is deliberate practice which goes beyond mere repetition. 

some ideas:

  1. learning logs: students are encouraged to keep diaries or journals where they reflect on what they did well/ what they could have done better/ something which surprised them in their way of doing things
  2. scaffolding: we help students reflect by showing them how to link new information with existing knowledge. also, invite students to compare outcomes with intended outcomes, to evaluate their use of creative thinking and to think about their thought processes.
  3. crafting and improving: encourage students to reflect on their work. perhaps ask them to show you drafts of written pieces of work, which they edit based on your comments, peer feedback and their own critical reflections.

(from Bill Lucas and Ellen Spencer Teaching Creative Thinking 2017) 

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