How to foster persistence in students.


to be persistent is to see intelligence as something which can be learned and being able to tolerate uncertainty. The theory behind this comes from Dweck and  growth mindset.

Some ideas:

  1. Ask expansive questions:

a.What is working for you?

b. Are there any other ways you could approach this sort of difficulty?

c. How could you make this more difficult and stretch yourself?

d. How might this be useful?

e. How could I have explained this better to you?

f. How do you feel now you’ve done it

2. ‘what makes you say that?

Asking students the reason behind their answer can help them express their thinking and streamline their thought processes

3. Three before me: this is the protocol which requires students to try three different approaches to find answers before they ask you to answer something.

(from Bill Lucas and Ellen Spencer Teaching Creative Thinking 2017) 

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