Creating inquisitive students.

creative people are good at uncovering and pursuing worthwhile questions

A core approach is to use questioning techniques and challenge assumptions.

Some ideas:

  1. Encourage students to wonder out loud (eg. ‘Why are we doing this?’ ‘How does this link to what we did last week?’)
  2. Wicked questions – ask questions which have no easy answer and no right or wrong answer either but require critical thinking (eg. ‘Is it okay to bully a bully?’ ‘Is it good people are living longer?’)
  3. Encourage rational and reasonable dialogue not to win the argument but create clear and more accurate arguments. Encourage boys to create their own philosophical ideas and explore them as a group in the classroom. (eg. They choose a philosopher and debate ideas with those of another thinker, as presented by another boy).

(from Teaching Creative Thinking (2017) by Bill Lucas and Ellen Spencer)

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