Creating a collaborative student body.

 creative people recognise the social dimension of the creative process

Make the schoolroom a learning community providing authentic assessments which allow them to get feedback by other people rather than only the teacher.

Some ideas:

  1. Create rubrics for assessment which can be used both by the teacher and for peer-to-peer assessment (eg. a rubric to assess presentations is designed collaboratively with the boys)
  2. Co-create a visual reference of helpful phrases displayed in the schoolroom (eg. ‘I like this part, but have you thought how it relates to…?’ ‘The best part is when you…’)
  3. Team building exercises: especially for boys in their first year you might want to create common points of reference by finding similarities among the boys (eg. same birthday/ same favourite series/ same favourite author)

(from Teaching Creative Thinking (2017) by Bill Lucas and Ellen Spencer)

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